Our Programs

Strengthening Families Together
A 10-week course for people who have a relative with a severe mental illness. Teaches about
the illness and how to access resources. Successful national program that has over 55 trained
facilitators throughout BC.

Kids in Control
Provides education, information and support for children aged 7-13 who have a parent
suffering from a mental illness.

Teens in Control
A similar program for older youth aged 13-18.

ReachOut Psychosis Tour
Exciting, interactive high school tour that harnesses the power of music and brain science to
help schools and peers identify youth with emerging psychosis and get effective help fast.
See short video intro at http://www.reachoutpsychosis.com/

Reaching Out
Early Psychosis video/manual for high school teachers to help increase awareness among students, teachers and counsellors.

Respite Program
Provides respite services for families coping with mental illness.

Partnership Education
Informed panel members talk about the nature and prevalence of chronic and severe mental illness. This popular program is widely-used by schools, community and professional groups, including police and RCMP training.

Partnership Puppet Program
Helps dispel myths about mental illness for Grade 4/5 students.

Reaching Families Project
Assertive outreach to families and referrers using web-based tools. See www.bcss.org for 24/7 online support groups, multi-agency calendar of family- specific events in BC, plus e-resource newsletters for various populations.

These powerful programs are the heart of our organization. They bring hope and creative solutions to thousands of families coping with serious mental illness in British Columbia. Empowering individuals and families to overcome obstacles and alleviate needless suffering, BCSS brings together citizens, corporations, government, and community agencies to support and educate consumers and families province-wide.