Join the Foundation Board

Board Term

  • Three-year board terms
  • Two possible terms

Time & Resource Requirements

  • Total annual time commitment is 6 to 8 hours per month over a 10 month period, totalling
    60 to 80 hours per year (including all meetings, events, reading materials).
  • Other resources expected from board members include: travel costs to/from meetings, parking costs, and annual gift to the BCSS Foundation.

Board Meetings

  • Frequency: once per month, except December and July
  • Meeting days vary

Committee Meetings

  • Board members are actively engaged in one committee.
  • Committees meet once per month, usually for an hour (these can be in-person meetings or conference calls).

Orientation Session

  • Informal orientation will take place previous to or following a meeting of the board for half an hour.

Other Requirements

  • Attendance at AGM — July
  • Special Events — as required
  • Ad-hoc meetings — as required
  • Strategic Planning — March

Selection Process

  • Board and staff identify prospective members based on the needs of the organization.
  • Individuals who have demonstrated leadership, skills, and abilities are approached and provided with an information package.
  • If the executive committee and prospective board member agree, they arrange an interview.
  • If both parties agree to move forward, the prospective board member is recommended to the BCSS Foundation Board, appointed at a regular meeting of the board and/or elected at the
    next AGM.

Our Approach to Governance
The Board of Directors is accountable for the survival, sustainability and well-being of the BCSS Foundation. This involves being responsible for developing, or ensuring the development of, by-laws and policies for shaping the overall direction and long-term planning of the BCSS Foundation. This takes the form of describing the vision, mission, goals, values, and strategic direction, and is a mandatory role for the BCSS Foundation Board of Directors. In addition, the Board must also ensure effective management of its own affairs through an established process of board development and self-assessment.

Mission, Vision & Purpose
The BC Schizophrenia Society's (BCSS) mission is to improve the quality of life for those affected by schizophrenia and psychosis through education, support, public policy and research.
The mission of the BCSS Foundation is to raise funds to fulfill the mission of BCSS.

Values & Beliefs
We believe that successful families are the core of successful communities. We believe that schizophrenia is optimally managed with the full support of families, physicians, mental health workers, and other support systems/individuals.

Contact information
Faydra Aldridge, CEO
Phone 604.270.7841 or 1.888.888.0029
Fax: 604.270.9861