BC Schizophrenia Society is dedicated to educating the public about schizophrenia and other serious and persistent mental illnesses. We do this through our excellent programs and services, information tables, the ReachOut Psychosis Band, and Partnership Presentations.

Partnership presentation participants: 1,365
ReachOut Tour program attendance: 17,283
Public information event participants: 21,299

Information Display
Information displays also play a big part in spreading awareness and education to BC communities. Tables and visual presentations are set up at multiple events, libraries, community centres, and schools. Hundreds of information displays and tables are presented by BCSS annually, providing information in the form of booklets, books, pamphlets, and other resources to people who are curious or in need of help.

ReachOut Psychosis Tour
The ReachOut Psychosis Tour is a fun and innovative tour that uses music and poetry to help youth and teachers learn to spot and stop psychosis early. This talented group tours the province, free of charge, and educates youth aged 16-25 in a way that makes sense to them. The ReachOut performers are drawn from an impressive array of successful professional musicians and comedy performers. This year 80 presentations throughout the province reached 18,798 youth who attended. In addition to the school concert for youth, ReachOut provides resources and information for teachers and parents.Early medical treatment of psychosis is crucial to ensure that young people start on the path to recovery, and do not lose their early years to the illness.

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