Help Build Hope Today!

Dear Friends,

During this time of uncertainty, the staff at BC Schizophrenia Society (BCSS) is working hard to adapt programs and services so families can still get the help they need. It has been a significant challenge. That is why I am excited to share some great news. Two of our supporters, a loving mom and dad, have pledged to help BCSS do something new… something to build hope for families:

A Monthly Donor Matching Gift Challenge

Many people find monthly giving easier and more affordable because they can divide their annual gift into 12 equal donations.

On top of matching monthly donations, this mom and dad have also agreed to match all one-time donations to build hope for other families.

Become a monthly donor of $10 or more between now and Father’s Day, and your first year of donations will be doubled!

  • $10 each month can become $240!
  • $15 each month can become $360!
  • $20 each month can become $480!
  • $25 each month can become $600!


These parents are forever grateful for the help and compassion they received from our Regional Educators. Through our support groups and Strengthening Families Together course (SFT), they were able to gain insight into schizophrenia and coping strategies that they could not find anywhere else.

When they heard about the story of Simon and his mother, Judith, they could easily imagine themselves, like Judith, trying everything possible to help their son. And that was when they knew they had to do something to build hope:

"Simon lives with schizophrenia. And now all of his worst nightmares are coming true; the world is being destroyed by “The Invisible Enemy” he has known about for years. Simon is so scared of COVID-19 that he has barricaded himself in his small apartment, stuffing towels under his door. He will not come out, not even for his mom whom he loves and trusts. Judith speaks with him over the phone and through the door, trying to comfort him, encouraging him to open the door so he can enjoy the food she brought. Judith leaves a “care package” at his door, crying as she walks down the hall with last night’s dinner in hand…. another meal that Simon was too afraid to touch."
Far too many family members, like Judith, are calling BCSS, desperately looking for new ways to cope. They are counting on BCSS for help solving urgent and immediate problems caused by the pandemic. But they will also need new resources as they and their loved ones tackle many significant changes in the months and years to come.

With your support, families will continue to have “a reason to hope… the means to cope.” Your donation will build hope as it funds the highest priority needs, including supporting family members like Simon’s mother who are turning to BCSS each and every day.

Every donation makes a difference. And with this unprecedented matching gift challenge from our grateful couple, your donation doubles.

Please Build Hope by becoming a monthly donor today!


Renato Zane, Volunteer Chair
BC Schizophrenia Society Foundation

P.S. Becoming a monthly donor is quick and easy. Go online or call 604-270-7841. Join us by June 21 and your first year’s gift will be doubled!