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My little brother, Dave.
My family and I have been touched by schizophrenia through my dear brother, Dave.  You can read our story at  Our heartbreaking journey inspired me to get involved in the BC Schizophrenia Society Foundation. And that is where I met Catherine.
Catherine describes her journey as one of learning, changing and accepting her “special” son, Paul.  She talks about going through disbelief, denial, despair, blame, guilt, anger, and finally… acceptance.  At the same time, Catherine’s story is filled with faith, hope and love.  [Read Catherine's story.]
After nearly 20 years of desperately trying to figure out what was wrong with Paul and how to keep him alive and safe with schizophrenia, Catherine finally found “a reason to hope…the means to cope” through the British Columbia Schizophrenia Society (BCSS).  
BCSS offers vital education and resources – free of charge – to anyone affected by severe mental illness like schizophrenia so that they are better able to advocate and care for their loved ones.  And this support is only available because of the generosity of donors like you. 
Families, like Catherine’s, need education and support now.  There are still far too many families in crisis who are waiting for support groups and programs, like our Strengthening Families Together (SFT). Children and youth who are struggling because a loved one has mental illness are waiting to take our Kids or Teens in Control Program.  
At the same time, we also need researchers to continue searching for earlier diagnostic tools and better treatments so that “special” family members, like Paul and Dave, do not suffer.  Catherine attributes Paul’s ongoing success to a major breakthrough in treatment – long-acting injectable medication.  I wish that treatment had been available for Dave.  
Every gift matters.  By giving to BCSS, you are helping families today and funding research that will build healthier, better tomorrows.  Together, we can save lives.  
Please consider making your gift today and I will personally match all donations, up to a total of $10,000.  This means you can double your gift… $50 becomes $100; $100 becomes $200.  And to inspire you even more, I am extending my matching gift commitment to January 31, 2020.


Chris Sandy
Volunteer Board Director

P.S. Let me double the impact of your gift… Every donation counts!